Catherine M. Wilson

About Me

For some strange reason, people want to know something about the authors whose work they read or are contemplating reading. And of course writers are reclusive by nature, so it is often difficult to find, much less pry up, the rock they’re hiding under. But having published a book or three, I am now so “out” on the internet that there seems little point in trying to hide from my readers.

I do in fact enjoy interacting with my readers, who have been generous in their praise of my books and who always have interesting things to say about them.

I’m not all that fond of talking about myself, because I think you can learn most of the interesting things about me from my writing—from my books, my posts on various forums, and my blog, but I suppose a few hard facts are called for.

I am 69 years old. I live in California, the land of fruits and nuts. I am both.

My house is a mountain cabin in a redwood forest.
I always wanted a yard with a water feature, and now I have one, a stream that has not yet threatened to meander through my living room. I do not consider my leaky roof a water feature.

My neighbors are other recluses like myself, plus an assortment of wildlife , who are less reclusive than they used to be since I often leave food out for them.

I live with Oliver , a companion animal whom I hesitate to call a pet. He came in out of the cold one day and took up residence.

I’m always happy to hear from anyone who runs across this page. You can email me at:

Or you could just post a comment on my BLOG.