Catherine M. Wilson

The Maggie Gale Mystery Series

by Liz Bradbury

Angel Food and Devil Dogs

Angel Food and Devil Dogs is the first book of the Maggie Gale Mystery series.

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More than just a mystery

I haven’t read mysteries in years. After the first several hundred, they all felt the same to me.

But Angel Food and Devil Dogs is more than just a mystery. The mystery part was fine. I guessed just enough not to feel stupid and missed just enough not to be disappointed.

It’s the rest of it, though, that I enjoyed so much. The main character, Maggie Gale, is multi-talented and multi-faceted, strong, skilled, smart--admirable, but not too perfect. The other characters, and there are a lot of them, are so well-drawn and distinctive that I had no trouble following this cast of dozens.

The best part, though, was the relationship at the heart of the story. It felt true, and to me, the working out of intimate relationships is the real mystery.

Being The Steel Drummer

The second book in the Maggie Gale Mystery series takes up where the first left off, and this one contains clues that take us back into the 19th century. There have always been lesbians, of course, and even in times that constrained the freedom of women, some managed to carve out spaces where they could live and love unmolested. The love story that began in the first book continues in this one, as the two of them negotiate a relationship of trust.

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