Catherine M. Wilson
Catherine M. Wilson photo

In the interest of full disclosure...

this picture was taken in 1968, more than 40 years ago, so if you should happen to run across me in real life, don’t be disappointed that I no longer resemble the young woman you see here. I have grown old, and although not so cute on the outside, I am much lovelier on the inside.

I chose this photo

as the gateway to my website because in it I am standing by the entrance stone at Newgrange, a megalithic passage tomb in Ireland, built over five thousand years ago. If mysterious portals exist in the world, this is one of them. Many authors will tell you that their stories come from a mysterious place, and when I began to write my trilogy, When Women Were Warriors, I suspected that perhaps I had once stepped into another world without knowing it and brought back some ancient long-forgotten tale. Wherever the story came from, it came more through me than from me. I made it from my own life and from my own experience, but I also heard a voice whispering within me that was not quite mine.